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Drivers say they would feel safer if all cars had dash cams

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 09:18
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A quarter (26%) of car owners say they would feel safer on the roads if it was the law for all vehicles to have dash cams (dashboard cameras), a small, digital video camera placed on the dashboard, or windscreen, to record the driver’s journey.

According to an Opinium survey of 2000 UK car owners, one in seven (14%) already have a dash cam in their car, and a further 29% would like one.  Men are much more likely to have a dash cam (19%), than women (10%) car owners.

A third (32%) of car owners in the survey, commissioned by InsuretheGap.com, an independent provider of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) car insurance, think that all vehicles should be fitted with a dash cam, and 23% believe that as dash cam usage increases, dangerous driving will decrease.

Car owners also felt that dash cam ownership should be linked to lower insurance premiums, with over a third (35%) agreeing that having a dash cam in their vehicle should lower the cost of their car insurance.

A benefit to society-at-large is the third (33%) of car owners who say they will submit dash cam footage of dangerous driving to the police, however interestingly only 6% say that seeing a dash cam makes them think about their driving more.

Car owners are also unsurprisingly unconcerned with dash cams videoing them, with only 7% saying the technology is an invasion of privacy.

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office at InsuretheGap.com, said: “A dashcam is the equivalent of an independent witness. As well as helping to prove non-fault in an accident situation, its footage can also protect against possible fraudulent claims. More and more car insurance companies are also offering a discount to vehicles with dash cams and dash cam evidence can also speed up insurance claims.”

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