Nextbase 380GW

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 11:13
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Nextbase are Europe’s leading Dash Cam brand with a particular focus on video quality and ease of use. A Dash Cam is there to act as independent witness, whether you are driving home, or setting off on a road trip, Nextbase Dash Cams have you covered. Nextbase have designed the 380GW Dash Cam specifically for daily commercial use. It follows on from the multi-award winning range and is the result of over a years-worth of research involving some of the UK’s biggest fleets.

The Nextbase 380GW features anti-tamper security locking for both power and memory to protect recordings, whilst using an innovative secure windscreen 3M adhesive mount. This unobtrusive design makes it ideal for mounting the cam discreetly, ready to capture the road ahead. The 380GW uses a vertical moveable lens, recording at 1080p HD, meaning it not only records high quality footage day and night to use as evidence, but can be adjusted to ensure compatibility with all commercial vehicles. The 380GW includes Wi-Fi, to easily transfer and download footage straight to a smartphone or tablet and provides instant evidence via the app allowing easy sharing of footage to fleet managers, as well as insurance providers or the police. It uses GPS, to record important speed and location data, which can then be viewed back on Google Maps.

Nextbase have also teamed up with My First UK insurance to offer a 25% discount under the MyVan policy. With a 380GW installed, it can help against fraudulent claims with commercial drivers often being a target for fraudsters where company insurers pay up “no questions asked”. A Dash Cam can offer instant evidence to prove you are not at fault in the event of an accident, help reduce false claims against you or reduce costs of a claim if at fault, save money on your insurance and get your van back on the road quicker. For further information on the 380GW model please visit

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