Revolutionary new vehicle colour coating system delivers cost and time-saving benefits to fleets

Friday, April 26, 2019 - 10:01
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Mediafleet managing director Barnaby Smith

A revolutionary colour coating system engineered to cut vehicle branding costs and the time it takes to remove traditionally applied corporate colours at defleet time is winning fleet plaudits.

WrapidCoat is a spray-vinyl application for changing the factory colour of vehicles developed by fast-expanding fleet graphics and branding specialist Mediafleet.

At a significantly lower cost than other methods for changing a vehicle’s colour, Wrapidcoat can deliver savings of up to 40% for a fleet considering wrapping or spraying vans to achieve a base colour, with branding subsequently applied.

“What’s more,” said Mediafleet managing director Barnaby Smith, “WrapidCoat is easier to remove at vehicle defleet time – around 90 minutes on a Ford Transit Custom versus three hours for a vinyl wrap.”

Mediafleet customers including multi-national parcel delivery and logistics company UPS, construction, refurbishment, building maintenance and facilities management services company Mountjoy and house builder Crest Nicholson all have factory vehicles delivered and then apply corporate colours and livery using spray-vinyl.

Chris Crouch, a director of Leicester-based Crouch Logistics, a UPS partner operator, said: “It is crucial that our UPS vehicles display the correct corporate branding and that means a complete colour change to the vehicle arriving from factory. A ‘normal’ re-spray was prohibitive in terms of cost and vehicle wrapping also proved too expensive. Mediafleet provided the solution with its WrapidCoat spray on vinyl solution.

“The vehicles are delivered to the Mediafleet factory where they are given the WrapidCoat treatment. The finish is excellent and certainly as good as a wrap. Our vehicles have a hard life on the road but WrapidCoat is proving incredibly durable in terms of colour stability and resilience.

“We are extremely pleased with the results. We will continue to use WrapidCoat for our UPS vehicles due to the reliability and cost effectiveness of the product and continue to use Mediafleet because of the company’s professional approach and reliability of service.”

Explaining the WrapidCoat technology, which offers limitless colour options and a range of finishes, Mr Smith said: “We can take large volumes of commercial vehicles straight from a factory and colour-coat them at speed and to a standard that is indistinguishable from paint.

“A liquid at application stage, WrapidCoat also gives a quality finish beyond that which can be achieved through conventional vinyl wrapping processes. Once coated with WrapidCoat a fleet will have an ‘as painted’ finish but with all the removability of a wrap.”

With high-profile fleet users of WrapidCoat among its customer base, Mr Smith believes the newly developed spray-vinyl solution could be “a best kept secret” with evidence that businesses can be slow to adapt to innovation.

A survey by TomTom Telematics among senior managers at 400 UK businesses discovered that almost a third (31%) admitted being slow to adopt technological innovations. However, 82% still believed it was important to use the most up-to-date technology, although cost was cited as the biggest barrier to adoption (36%).

Mr Smith said: “The capital outlay for fleet branding can be significant, but WrapidCoat is a hugely cost effective solution. A general reticence to adopt new technology could mean that senior managers may be nervous in choosing WrapidCoat as a replacement for more traditional vehicle branding alternatives.

“However, there are a number of high-profile fleets that have already turned to WrapidCoat for their new vehicles and I anticipate more will follow.”

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