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Winter road crash stats prove cold weather ...

Sep 27, 2013Comments off

Snow and ice caused more than 6,217 road accidents in Great Britain last year - with many crashes involving fleets

‘Horrifying’ drink-drive death rise see...

Sep 27, 2013Comments off

Statistics show 280 people were killed in 'cruel and needless' drink-drive crashes last year - a whopping 17% increase

‘Worrying’ cycle death rise req...

Sep 27, 2013Comments off

Despite an overall drop in road deaths in 2012, cyclist deaths rose by 10% to an 'alarming' 118

New £17,000, 50x more effective super-came...

Sep 27, 2013Comments off

Cutting-edge ZenGrab LaneWatch Mk2 cameras will catch drivers for minor offences, lawyer warns

Garages urged to hoard reliable parts ahead...

Sep 25, 2013Comments off

Andrew Page Group encourage stockpiling for the notorious September-October MOT peak

‘Dangerous’ tailgaters voted UK...

Sep 25, 2013Comments off

Failing to indicate and lack of proper motorway lane use are also despised - but what do you hate most?

TyreSafe launch free tyre safety check deal...

Sep 24, 2013Comments off

October's Tyre Safety Month will see retailers and dealers offer free tyre health safety checks

Whopping £30MILLION of council parking fin...

Sep 23, 2013Comments off

Shocking figures show around 1,200 tickets are issued EVERY HOUR nationwide - and the figure is RISING

Motorists wasting MILLIONS on ‘easily...

Sep 20, 2013Comments off

Almost two million test failures caused by 'easy-to-spot' issues, VOSA data shows

Esso fuellers to bag Tesco Clubcard points

Sep 19, 2013Comments off

Drivers can now earn points at 800 Esso service stations nationwide