Wheel Woes For Clumsy British Drivers

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 13:50
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While many motorists pride themselves on their appearance, the same may not be true about the nation’s cars.

New research carried out by AlloyGator and Micheldever Tyre and Auto Services has found that four out of every five cars on the UK’s roads may be being driven around with scuffs, scrapes and other unsightly damage to their alloy wheels.

Based on the survey findings, it’s estimated that there could be in excess of 95 million damaged wheels on UK roads, which could cost motorists a massive £7.6 billion to repair and restore the appearance of their wheels.


“Alloy wheels can massively enhance the styling and appearance of a car, as well as affecting its resale value,” comments Curt Rathbone, managing director, AlloyGator. “However, the findings of this survey show that most of us have misjudged a kerb or failed to avoid a deep pothole at some point, causing some fairly unsightly, and costly damage to our car’s wheels.

“With an average cost of between £60 and £90 per wheel to be repaired it’s understandable why so many people fail to get them fixed, but drivers don’t have to put up with unsightly damage. Fitting AlloyGators can protect alloy wheels and prevent damage, they can also be used to cover up existing wheel rim damage meaning that expensive repair bills can be avoided.”


In the survey, just one in five cars didn’t have any damage to any of its wheels. Almost a third of those vehicles surveyed had damage to all four wheels while almost a quarter had damage to two wheels, and a further one in ten had damage to one wheel.

Chris Perry, General Manager at Micheldever Tyre and Auto Services said “It’s very common for us to see damaged alloy wheels on the cars that come in to us and so it’s excellent that AlloyGators can provide drivers with a solution to help them keep their wheels looking good.”


Made from super-tough nylon, the AlloyGator wheel protectors are designed to fit between the wheel rim and the tyre, protecting the wheel and reducing the risk of damaged caused by scuffs from kerbs and potholes. They are available in a range of 15 colours, from discreet black and silver, to bolder options including pink, yellow and glow in the dark.

AlloyGators, available in ‘original’ 13” – 21” or ‘exclusive’ 12” – 24”, can be fitted by a network of approved fitters at garages nationwide. Drivers looking to find out more about protecting their wheels with AlloyGators should visit AlloyGator to find their nearest approved fitter.


AlloyGators are made of a tough nylon and slot between the alloy wheel and the tyre. The alloys are more durable than other types and don’t depend on adhesive to stay put. Even when travelling at low or high speeds on poor condition roads the rim protectors will stay in place.

Exclusive AlloyGators fit wheel sizes 12 to 24 inches, Original AlloyGators fit wheel sizes 13 to 21 inches, they suit 98 percent of the wheel and tyre combinations.

Overall I was very impressed with the AlloyGators, when travelling 60+ miles a day on and off the motorway, the alloy protection stayed on the alloys even on the most difficult of roads.  They offered a protection not only for the driver but the car as well, there was a constant peace of mind whenever driving.

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I would highly recommend this product to any driver who want that extra bit of protection along with the added style to the car. There are 15 colours available, and priced at RRP supplied and fitted is £100 for the Original profile and £150 for Exclusive.

Customers can go to the website AlloyGator and click on the find-a-fitter page to locate a local fitter and obtain a quote.

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