Vehicle tracking key to boosting productivity, insist RAM

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 13:00
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KEY: Vehicle tracking saves money

Fleets could boost productivity by 23% by implementing vehicle tracking, RAM Tracking have claimed.

Research by the GPS vehicle tracking company revealed their 3,000-strong base of fleet customers have increased productivity by up to 23% since installation.

Non-tracked businesses are also suffering from poor route planning, inaccurate time sheet reporting and falsified overtime claims – with tracking helping to solve such problems.

Businesses where employees take their vehicles home at the end of each day have seen the greatest increase in productivity, the RAM Tracking figures showed.

This is because the newly-installed vehicle tracking has stopped drivers falsifying overtime claims and unauthorised use of their vehicles.

Meanwhile, companies where drivers use their vehicles throughout the working day saw up to 10.5% increased efficiency.

Chris McClellan, CEO of RAM Tracking, said: “Many customers implement tracking with the aim of saving on fuel costs, it’s only after using the system they realise just how many other benefits it can bring.

“In an economy that is still recovering from the recession, ensuring business operations remain as efficient and productive as possible is crucial and this is where vehicle tracking can really show its value.

“Implementing one system which captures date, time, stops and mileage details of every journey made will also significantly reduce administration time, eradicating the need for fleet drivers to trawl through receipts and calendars in an attempt to separate business and private mileage.

“Whether a fleet is five or 500 vehicles, any business will see a boost in productivity by implementing tracking.”