Masternaut help Bott make 15% fuel cuts

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 14:00
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CUTS: Masternaut saves Bott money

Workshop equipment company Bott are enjoying a 15% smaller fuel bill thanks to Masternaut’s telematics technology.

The company invested in the Masternaut solution in October 2012, and have since benefitted from increased fleet efficiency and driver safety.

Via the at-a-glance view of every Bott vehicle, managers are now able to pinpoint the exact location and speed of any of their drivers.

The company have reduced the unnecessary time their vehicles spend on the road, while better managing customer expectations around delivery times by sharing this insight.

Chris Sweeney, Logistics Manager at Bott, said: “Given the range of locations we cover across the UK – and beyond – our drivers spend considerable amounts of time on the roads.

“Anything which reduces this is hugely beneficial not only to our own business but, more importantly, to our customers too.

“Having installed Masternaut’s technology across our fleet, we’ve been able to significantly cut down on the amount of time spent in transit, meaning our response times are quicker than ever.

“And through delivering the technology into our customers’ own vehicles, they’re experiencing the benefits first-hand too – it is a win-win!”

Martin Hiscox, CEO and Chairman of Masternaut, added: “For businesses looking to achieve that vital competitive edge, every minute – and indeed every penny – counts.

“Bott, which coordinates fleets from one end of the UK to the other, is a fantastic example of how companies can be using telematics to save both time and money.”