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Sofico target UK expansion with restructuring

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 11:00
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TARGET: Sofico looking to expand in UK

Global fleet and leasing software solutions provider Sofico have introduced a new autonomous, regional-focused structure to underpin their expansion.

The Belgium-based business, whose software manages more than one million fleet vehicles worldwide, will now revolve around seven regional units, backed by a series of process-specific support units.

The seven new autonomous regional units comprise: Belgium; the Netherlands; UK-Germany-Austria-Switzerland; Southern Europe; Asia; Japan -South-Korea; and Australia-New Zealand.

They are supported by a number of process-specific support units, including systems management, solution management, finance and accounts, human resources, business development and marketing.

In preparation for more than a year, the restructuring process has been facilitated by a series of workshops in which every department took part and documented all processes in minute detail.

With the processes defined the new structure was drawn up.

The final transition phase was completed in the last three months, with all staff being re-assigned to their new units and each unit having a full-day off-site kick-off to implement the new structure.

Each new regional unit now consists of a self-managing team that is responsible for a number of Sofico’s customers who use their primary Miles software system to manage their fleets.

Jan Bouckaert, Head of Business Development at Sofico, said: “Our customers will now have a specific team dedicated to them, while our staff can build up a more detailed knowledge of each customer’s market specifics and the way they customize Miles to run their fleet.

“As well as providing enhanced and more targeted services for our customers, this new organization structure will also allow us better support future growth and expansion in to new markets.

“On top of this, it will allow us to work more efficiently, as each regional unit will see a customer project through from end-to-end, starting with prospecting, moving on to implementation and going through to post go-live support.”

Mr Bouckaert added there were a number of benefits that would derive from the new regional structure for staff and customers alike.

“As well as creating closer ties and shorter communication lines between Sofico staff and our customers, the new structure allows us to provide our people with ‘active’ jobs, which are more motivating, and are in line with our own HR policy and ‘Investors in People’ recognition,” he added.

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