Road safety charity launches new website for fleet operators

Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 09:33
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The UK’s biggest independent road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has launched its new commercial website which will allow business users the chance to choose from a wide range of on-road training products that deliver compliance, cost savings and safer drivers.

Tony Greenidge, IAM RoadSmart’s business development director said: “Driver behaviour is the major influencing factor behind the majority of unforeseen costs such as collision damage, unfair wear and tear and poor fuel economy”.

“Modern day business relies on real-time interaction meaning drivers are often distracted by phone calls, increasing vehicle technology, time pressure and fatigue. These all combine to heighten the risks for at work drivers and other road users.”

Given that businesses are used to paying a monthly rental for vehicles IAM RoadSmart is also launching the industry’s first monthly fixed fee package which includes all elements of driver risk management.

More information can be found here and typically a fully inclusive package works out at 15p per driver per day, less than the cost of a cup of tea.

Within IAM RoadSmart’s range of training programmes is the government subsidised eco-driving course. Working with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) IAM RoadSmart is one of the UK’s largest providers of this popular programme with EST data suggesting that the long-term cost reduction of the training is the equivalent of 15p per litre.

At a time when fuel costs are high on the fleet agenda every business, large or small, should look to take advantage of the government subsidy whilst it is available.

As well as highlighting the standard and bespoke range of products IAM RoadSmart can offer there is also a portfolio of free resources available. This includes a series of white papers covering fleet issues important to business users and affecting road safety.

The latest white paper looks at why nobody has been sent to jail, or even prosecuted, for contributing to an avoidable road death under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act (reference 1).

Tony added: “We know that there are many businesses that do take the safety of their drivers and other road users seriously – but some are very out of touch with the law.

“With the latest government figures confirming that we are not making inroads into the number of people killed on UK roads no-one associated with road safety can afford to brush the issue under the carpet, as it could not only mean a very expensive prosecution – but also the difference between life and death.”

The new website can be found here:

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