Northumbrian Roads receive Euro VI Mercedes Arocs


CONTRACT: First Euro VI for Northumbrian

Highways contractors Northumbrian Roads are rolling out one of the North-East’s first Euro VI Mercedes-Benz Arocs.

The Prudhoe-based operators have assigned the purpose-designed 8×4 tipper to their contract with Sunderland City Council.

Under its remit, the truck makes short trips between the company’s own asphalt plant at Hendon and road surfacing sites across the city.

Supplied by Newcastle-upon-Tyne dealer Bell Truck and Van, the Arocs 3240K is powered by a 394hp 10.7litre engine, which drives through the latest Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission.

The truck’s double-skinned and insulated aluminium body is by PPG Fabrications, of Peterborough.

Stephen Atkinson, Transport Manager at Northumbrian Roads, said: “We need a vehicle that’s going to give us maximum ‘uptime’.

“Our vehicles typically make short journeys, with lots of stopping and starting, so while fuel efficiency is clearly important it’s not our only concern.

“Rather, given the demanding nature of the job, what we want above all else is a truck that won’t let us down.”

Last year, Mr Atkinson was taken by Bell Truck and Van to an Arocs launch event in Germany, getting behind the wheel and piloting vehicles from the new range.

“The Arocs is a brand new model and clearly designed for our kind of work,” he added.

“This, coupled with my own experience of running Mercedes-Benz Actros in the past, means we have every confidence that it will live up to expectations.

“We like the automated transmission, which will make the driver’s life easier when negotiating city centre traffic, because he’ll be free to concentrate fully on what’s going on around him rather than worry about which gear he’s in.

“Our trucks have to access some very uneven sites and the Arocs’ excellent ground clearance will also help protect it from the sort of minor damage that can result in costly trips to the workshop.”

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