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Office Essentials enjoy 40% efficiency boost with Masternaut

By Byron Rimmer
Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 13:00

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BOOST: Efficiency up 40% for Office Essentials

Stationary and office supplies business Office Essentials have increased control over their vehicles and seen delivery times slashed by half after implementing Masternaut telematics.

Since using the solution, the company have enjoyed a 40% efficiency increase, with managers who previously relied on written call sheets from sales reps now able to create an automated print-out of all information gathered throughout the day.

Office Essentials have also been able to improve health and safety, with alerts for drivers when they exhibit poor behaviours, such as exceeding the speed limit.

Garry Baker, Operations Director at Office Essentials, said: “Compared to other providers, Masternaut’s solution instantly seemed a lot more user-friendly, which was one of the key factors which contributed to our decision to select the system.

“We wanted a tool which we could easily roll-out across the business, allowing us to quickly begin to reap the benefits.

“And it’s worked – we’ve had a great return on investment, with the solution saving us money on fuel and improving our customer service by making our fleet more efficient.”

“This is a great example of how telematics can be used to save both costs and time.”

Martin Hiscox, Masternaut

Martin Hiscox, CEO and Chairman of Masternaut, added: “It’s great to see our solution has given Office Essentials control over costs, drivers, deliveries, fuel and routing – everything they need!

“This is a great example of how telematics can be used to save both costs and time.”


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