Major Change For The December Leasing Enquiries

Monday, January 15, 2018 - 12:30
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Data from – the UK’s largest marketplace for new vehicle leasing – shows that the Volkswagen Golf was the most enquired about new car in December.

Retailers and leasing brokers advertising offers on the marketplace last month received the most enquiries about the Golf, followed by the Audi A4 and then the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Unprecedented consumer demand for the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE drove the model’s ascent to the December top spot, with the 1.4 TSI GTE accounting for almost a quarter of all Golf enquiries. Demand has been so high that Volkswagen has had to temporarily close its order book.

Top ten personal leasing enquiries for December 2017

Make / Model
1 Volkswagen Golf
2 Audi A4
3 Mercedes-Benz A Class
4 Mercedes-Benz C Class
5 Mercedes-Benz E Class
6 Audi A6
7 Volkswagen Tiguan
8 BMW 4-Series
9 Audi A5
10 Nissan Qashqai

The most commonly selected payment profile by consumers in December was nine months advance rentals with a 23-month term (referred to as 9+23).

Commenting on the data, Paul Harrison, Head of Strategic Partnerships at, said: “The Golf’s popularity in December was underpinned by consumer demand for the highly-rated GTE model. The GTE shows that if manufacturers can transfer electric propulsion to recognisable and popular models, then consumers are willing to move away from traditional engines.”

“The German brands continue to dominate the most popular vehicles on our marketplace which highlights how affordable leasing campaigns can help manufacturers grow sales and market share.”

“We’ve also seen strong demand from consumers for leasing offers requiring only a one-month deposit (1+ advance) given more and more consumers are coming out of a PCP without a vehicle to part-exchange. The volume of 1+ leasing offers on our marketplace is steadily increasing.”

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