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Glare of the sun leading to increased Road Traffic Accidents

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 09:04
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Beware of the glare

Dazzle and glare from the sun has historically led to increased road traffic accidents in the past, and as Autumn descends a report from the AA has further warned motorists to play it safe.

The AA pointed out that the rate of head-on crashes involving lorries nearly quadruples in twilight conditions due to the vehicle casting a long shadow – this means that oncoming drivers and those turning will find it difficult to see it. The fact that the sunset coincides with rush hour poses different challengers for different road users and the risk will continue until British Summer Time ends in October. The AA have provided some tips for minimising your chances of falling victim to the glare of the sunset. These include:

  • Keep your windscreen clean – including the inside.
  • If blinded, slow down immediately. It is tempting to carry on regardless to let the glare pass but by then it may be too late.
  • If driving at sunset, anticipate the effects of glare on you and other drivers. Drivers heading west or through terrain where the sun may appear suddenly need to expect to travel more slowly than usual.

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