Fleet Logistics offers free fleet audits to support large organisations

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 10:19
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Fleet Logistics Group, Europe’s largest independent fleet management company, is making a free, high-level fleet audit offer to large fleets to support them through the current pandemic and with their financial recovery.

Fleet Logistics

The fleet audit is available through Fleet Logistics’ website for a limited period, and is aimed at optimizing the fleet operations of large international fleets during this time of crisis.

The QuickScan offer is available to all fleet operators with a minimum fleet size of 2,000 cars in Europe, and offers a scan of the existing fleet setup, looking at controling fleet spend and identifying savings potential.

On a first come, first served basis, Fleet Logistics will analyse provided information covering areas of fleet operation such as existing agreements, policies, and spend data. It will then present it findings and recommendations in a non-binding personal conference call.

This offer will be time-limited and related to the volume of requests received; based on current  ongoing conversations with fleet operators, Fleet Logistics expects the level of interest to be very high.

Fleet Logistics

Thibault Alleyn

Thibault Alleyn, who leads the consulting business of Fleet Logistics Group, said: “As the business world prepares to cope with the aftermath of the pandemic, we as Fleet Logistics Group wish to do our part.

“Many organizations are coping with very challenging financials in the months and, possibly, even years to come.  And we are receiving increasing number of enquiries from organisations  wishing to further control their fleet spend with the highest urgency.

“Our experts know how to scan through a fleet setup and identify the potential for cash savings, while taking into account the broader fleet and mobility strategy. And we have already offered advice to fleets about some of the actions they might want to consider during the pandemic through previous press releases and social media.

“Now we felt it was the time for more personalized and structured advice – hence the new  fleet audit offer,“ he said.

Companies are invited to get in touch with Fleet Logistics at: https://www.fleetlogistics.com/quickscan

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