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Company car eco labels added to Chevin FleetWave

By Kyle Lindsay
Monday, March 10, 2014 - 16:45

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ADDITION: Chevin’s FleetWave enhanced again

Fleets using Chevin’s FleetWave can now enjoy at-a-glance reference for cars’ environmental performance after the addition of standard EU-style eco labels.

The software can be configured so labels are visible in most of FleetWave’s standard screens or used as the basis for generating specific reports.

Identical in concept to the A-F labels used for a wide variety of products, they reflect typical fuel efficiency.

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director of Chevin, said: “The eco labels are now a very familiar sight to almost everyone and it is this ubiquity that makes them an ideal way of providing an easy method of reference for fleet managers using FleetWave.”

The updated software also includes sophisticated reporting routines based on both official manufacturer and real world CO2 outputs.

“Detailed environmental reporting is becoming an ever more important tool for users of our software.”

Ashley Sowerby, Chevin

“We are finding that detailed environmental reporting is becoming an ever more important tool for users of our software,” added Mr Sowerby.

“Fuel consumption and CO2 output are clearly key parameters when measuring fleet management success.”

Chevin’s FleetWave web-based enterprise fleet solution is used to manage 700,000 fleet vehicles around the world.

Customers include St Gobain Transport, Bristol City Council, Honda Motor Europe and Marie Stopes International.


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