Bidding for £5million Clean Vehicle Fund opens

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 12:30
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Bus-fleet news

OPEN: Fund to tackle urban pollution

Towns and cities across England are being invited to bid for funding to make pollution-slashing improvements to local bus fleets.

The £5million Clean Technology Fund is now open to applications, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer has announced, with local authorities and other public bodies able to bid.

Last year’s Clean Bus Technology Fund helped modify more than 500 buses, with this year’s scheme open to other vehicles, providing they are used predominantly on local roads with poor air quality.

The funding, up to a maximum of £500,000 for any one authority, will allow the fitting of technology treating exhaust fumes or converting vehicles to run on cleaner fuels.

Baroness Kramer said: “This is our latest step in a major programme of measures to make our air cleaner.

“We are raising the bar and making sure that the ongoing trend of improving air quality continues.

“This £5million will mean less harmful exhaust fumes from buses, and other vehicles, in some of our most polluted urban areas.

“This funding will also secure jobs and growth in the industries delivering the technology.”

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