APPG launches inquiry into impact of Clean Air Zones on freight and logistics industry

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 10:12
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Following the re-formation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Road Freight and Logistics, the group is now calling for evidence in its first inquiry of the new Parliament: the impact of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) on the haulage and logistics sector.

Clean Air Zones

Sir Mike Penning MP

The group which is chaired by Former Transport Minister Sir Mike Penning MP have outlined a series of questions focused on the impacts of the haulage industry, the approach taken by local authorities and whether national Government have provided enough support for affected businesses and local authorities.

As a part of this, the group will be writing to DEFRA, DfT and JAQU, as well as those local authorities who are planning to introduce charging Clean Air Zones.

The intent of the group is to collect written submissions only. The deadline for written submissions will be 1700 on March 11th 2020.

Commenting on the launch of inquiry, Sir Mike Penning MP, Chair of the APPG for Road Freight and Logistics said

“We all welcome the Government’s determination to tackle the challenge of air quality in our towns and cities, but it is essential that well intentioned policies do not lead to damaging an industry so vital to the UK economy.

“This inquiry will look at how decisions have been taken and what practical steps can be put in place to ensure that the haulage industry continues to play its essential role throughout our towns and cities.”

Responses should be sent via email to by 1700 on March 11th 2020.

The full list of questions is:

  • How will the introduction of Clean Air Zones affect your business?
  • Do you feel that plans for Clean Air Zones has been communicated effectively by local authorities and Central Government? If not, what would you like to have seen?
  • What support do believe the Government can provide to minimise disruption from planned Clean Air Zones?
  • Do you believe that the planned Clean Air Zones will change behaviour?
  • Are you likely to upgrade your fleet as a result of Clean Air Zones? If not, what are the impediments to upgrading?
  • What do you believe the Government should be doing differently?

Local Authorities only

  • Do you feel that you have received enough support from Central Government in drawing up your plans?
  • What assessment have you made of the potential impact of a charging zone on local businesses?
  • (If introducing a charging CAZ) what was the main rationale behind charging HGVs?

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