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Government and logistics sector launch recruitment campaign

The Government and the logistics industry have launched a new recruitment campaign to help boost recruitment across the sector.

GL BannerThe new Generation Logistics campaign aims to tackle the industry’s long term recruitment issues and future-proof the industry’s talent pipeline.

This goes beyond recruiting drivers, but also other warehouse positions, new developments with last mile delivery, data science, automation, drones, robotics and more.

Sponsored by the Department for Transport (DfT) alongside companies from all sides of the industry, Generation Logistics aims to raise awareness of an industry often overlooked by those seeking employment and challenge their preconceptions about what working in logistics can offer.

Lifting the lid on opportunities within logistics

Phil Roe, president of Logistics UK, which has been leading the development of the campaign, said: “Our research has revealed that 90% of the population has never considered working in our industry, yet it employs over 2.6 million people.

“At a time when recruitment of new staff has never been more difficult, this campaign will lift the lid on the opportunities which logistics has on offer and encourage workers of all ages to investigate the careers which our businesses can provide.”

Starting with a focus on young adults aged 16 – 24 years, the campaign will then target other potential employee groups, including career switchers and maternity- or paternity-leave returners.

Generation Logistics centres on a new platform designed to highlight the many benefits of working in the industry and outline how logistics roles can, and do, meet the highest priorities of the next generation of workers.

StudentsThe site offers an online hub full of resources, learning materials and job openings, alongside partnerships with industry bodies, trade associations and vital core businesses across all freight modes including Amazon, DHL, Stobart and Tesco.

The campaign’s organisers are confident that Generation Logistics will make it significantly easier for people to kick start their career in the industry and future-proof the sector’s workforce.

Puncturing the myths of the sector

Roe said: “The pandemic shone a light on the logistics industry, underlining the importance of our staff as key workers and the critical role our sector plays in everyday life.

“With that in mind, it’s crucial we do all we can to engage with the next generation right now to encourage them to bring their talents to our industry.

“We are hoping to puncture some of the myths around the sector, and provide a clear, practical pathway for those who want to explore whether a career in logistics could be for them – from truck drivers through to data scientists, robotics engineers and everything in-between.”

Transport Minister Karl McCartney said the last few years have shown how crucial the logistics sector is to both the economy and our daily lives.

He said: “That’s why we put 33 measures in place to help tackle the effects of a global driver shortage.

“Since then, the sector has started to recover, and industry bodies are reporting positively on the number of HGV drivers stabilising.”

Bethany Windsor, programme manager of Generation Logistics, said filling roles in logistics is a challenge. She said many people don’t know the sector even exists, or appreciate the breadth of jobs available.

She added: “Through Generation Logistics, we will raise awareness of the many opportunities on offer and highlight the accessibility of those opportunities across all ages, locations and educational backgrounds.

“The logistics sector keeps Great Britain moving and there truly is a career within it for everyone – we’re looking forward to sharing them over the next 12 months.”

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