Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics – the right insight for the right decisions

Why Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics in the context of a customer story; focusing on how it has helped their company – case study as a story narrative; from the point of view the customer.

Taking our fleet green is helping us, sustain our future

As a Fleet Manager for our water utilities company in the public sector, we have a uniquely challenging situation when it comes to our fleet. Our employees can be working across multiple sites on essential repairs and maintenance – possibly alone and in harsh environments. We need to be able to communicate with our teams and keep the fleet moving, as our customers rely on us to maintain and fix things as quickly as possible, when there’s an issue – to keep our service up and running.

So, I’m always on the go thinking about how I can get the most out of our fleet, for our teams and business. I need to do in a sustainable way, while at the same time, protect our customer relationships and employees who move around with the fleet. With a fleet size of 1600 vehicles, plus 400 specialist plant vehicles, there’s lots to consider.

Digital fleet tools give us the right insight, to make the right decisions

More recently, there’s a big focus for us on how I can effectively manage the move of our petrol and diesel vehicles over to being electric. Will the move help our cashflow by reducing our fuel consumption? Which vehicles will be right to move over? Will our team of fleet drivers be safe when they’re on the roads? How can I manage vehicle maintenance for our fleet vehicles, so it doesn’t cost the earth? Our teams like Health & Safety heavily rely on me to make sure that we’re complying with Duty of Care – so I need to know that the decisions I make, are right for everyone across the business, for today and the future.

Being green, being safe, being savvy

It can feel quite overwhelming with lots of choice on the market. So, it was really reassuring when I started working with Vodafone Business. For me, what really stood out, with Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics was the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment that they offered. We used it to analyse our current fleet activity on end-of life vehicles, so we could make decisions about which ones would be suitable to move over – this meant that we could then have informed conversations with our procurement team, on the best way forward. The real data insight the fleet management tool gives us means that we know we’re doing the right thing and keeping our business a sustainable one. I can personally sleep at night, knowing that I’m doing my bit to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint.

As well as supporting us with our green strategic planning, with Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, we were also able to predict if vehicles needed maintenance early on, understand how our drivers were behaving while on the roads, so we could work with them on ways they could be safer – and comply with Duty of Care regulation. Our Finance team are also very happy that we’re managing to bring costs down on our fuel too!

A sustainable future, for your fleet, employees and business – all driven by telematics

Knowing that your business is doing the right thing when it comes to climate change is becoming important, whatever your size. So, more and more companies who manage fleet are now thinking about how to move over to electric. Easy right? Well, as with any new way of doing things, it can feel like a challenge as there’s lots of new things to think about.

Taking the hassle out of going green

Which vehicles would be the right ones to move over? How will this change effect my employees and the way they move around? What will the costs be? How can I make sure I’m getting the best out of these new vehicles, when it comes to maintenance? As well as being sustainable, it’s still important for you to make sure that your employees and vehicles are safe, and that your financial business accounts look healthy.

With our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment tool (EVSA) you can create your own green fleet, help your drivers to be safer, lower your costs, keep your vehicles working well, driving routes optimised and get rid of paperwork you don’t need. It’s an online easy-to-use platform with clever data analytics and metrics such as state of charge (SOC) and charging details. All to help you make the right informed business decisions for your future.

We’re just one click away

Welcome to a greener, safer and more efficient future with Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics. Interested? Click here to give us your details and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help you make the move over to being green.


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