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Learning from ABB’s transition to an all-...

Oct 05, 2021No Comments

As part of its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality across our own operations, leading global technology company, ABB, is switching to an all-electric fleet by

Mercedes Benz eActros truck on the road

Is the ban of fossil fuel vehicles going to...

Oct 04, 2021No Comments

The UK Government has announced official plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. From then on, new hybrids or

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics – O...

Sep 30, 2021No Comments

A sustainable future, for your fleet, employees and business – all driven by telematics Knowing that your business is doing the right thing when it

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics – t...

Sep 30, 2021No Comments

Vodafone Business is working with customers to future-proof their smart fleet with telematics – here’s how: Taking our fleet green is helping us, sustain our

Lorry driving at night

It’s time to start looking after HGV driv...

Sep 30, 20211 Comment

Throughout 2021 the shortage of HGV drivers and its significant impact on society has made headlines from the sublime to the ridiculous. Whether the panic

Bus Driver using GPS

GPS tracking: pointing the fleet in the rig...

Sep 28, 2021No Comments

Transport and fleet managers have a tough job. The need to monitor and manage employees and assets, juggle customer demands and deliverables, ensure safety, keep

Fleet Card Fraud

What makes a Fleet Card Fraudster tick?

Aug 03, 2021Comments off

Fleet card fraud is a dynamic and growing issue. Often underrated and overshadowed by credit and debit card fraud. Our research has shown that fleet


Seven considerations for upgrading fleets t...

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With all the press attention and hype about 5G, it’s natural to wonder when the real deal is arriving. What form will it take? And


Why communication is at the heart of achiev...

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Over the years, there has been a gradual shift in drivers’ attitudes towards in-cab safety technology. From basic dash cams to more recent systems which

Fleet Management

Futureproofing fleet management for SMEs po...

Jul 23, 2021Comments off

As the UK economy emerges from one of its most testing periods, it is promising to read that projected growth is positive – with the