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Why fleets are (still) making the switch to...

Jun 01, 2020Comments off

With oil prices at multi-year lows, conventional wisdom suggests an interest in electric vehicles (EVs) will wane. Perhaps surprisingly, the opposite is happening. Whilst registrations


The eCommerce Evolution

May 22, 2020Comments off

As the government prepares to reveal its strategy to start lifting lockdown measures within the UK to enable people to go back to work and


Will COVID-19 catalyse the advent of a new ...

May 12, 2020Comments off

COVID-19 has generated unprecedented disruption in the global logistics and freight industries, severely impacting operations and delivery activities. However, could these current challenges ultimately pave


How Mercedes dominate with technological in...

May 01, 2020Comments off

Mercedes aren’t just luxury vehicle engineers, they’re innovators. This should hardly be surprising given the fact that Karl Benz, back in 1886, was patented with

How to use digital solutions to help accele...

Jun 10, 2019Comments off

Fleet managers have a diverse range of regulatory standards to adhere to. Vehicle and driver safety checks, goods declarations and environmental impact reports are just

The Value of Neutrality in Automotive Data ...

Feb 15, 2019Comments off

As we enter 2019, services based on automotive data are quickly evolving from visionary ideas to piloted experiments to mainstream capabilities that will change the

Power To The Vehicle

Jan 08, 2018Comments off

According to Volkswagen, unscheduled downtime can cost fleet operators more than a staggering £600 a day. It’s for this reason that commercial vehicles are increasingly

The Future Of Low Carbon Transport Is Here

May 17, 2017Comments off

Each year we’re seeing an ever-stronger commitment from the world’s major vehicle manufacturers to a low carbon transport future – primarily based on the hybrid

Don’t Let Mobile Distractions Land Your F...

May 05, 2017Comments off

Sending texts, checking WhatsApp, updating Facebook or Instagram, checking the football scores, streaming music.

Top Five Telematics Tall Tales

Apr 19, 2017Comments off

Crewe-based Radius Payment Solutions has conducted a nationwide survey looking into attitudes towards telematics, which surprisingly finds that only 5% of users were negative towards

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