Scorpion Automotive Wins ‘Best Vehicle Tracking System’

Monday, August 5, 2019 - 08:34
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Lancashire based Scorpion Automotive Wins ‘Best Vehicle Tracking System’ in 2019 Enterprise Awards. With ever increasing demands on SMEs, managing your mobile workforce can be time consuming. However, knowing exactly where your staff and vehicles are and having real-time useable data at your fingertips can be vital to the success of your business, helping you increase productivity, decrease running costs and in doing so – boost profits.

This award category is created to acknowledge the rapid emergence of vehicle tracking and telematics as an important business tool. The ScorpionTrack Fleet system has been widely proven to assist all types of business in enhancing their performance.

The system comprises of tracking devices installed within each vehicle, a web based application and a mobile app. Each of these hardware and software components are designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK by Scorpion Automotive. Scorpion is therefore in complete control of its fleet tracking solution enabling unparalleled support to its business customers.

We ask Carl James, Scorpion’s Head of Marketing & Sales Operations to summarise their business customer’s most frequently reported benefits:

How can ScorpionTrack Fleet help reduce operating costs? “ScorpionTrack Fleet assists businesses in making vehicle usage more efficient by identifying and reducing speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and unnecessary engine idling. It also alerts upon unauthorised out of working hour’s usage. Aside from safety and environmental implications, all these driver behaviour related events increase operating costs in terms of wasted fuel and vehicle wear and tear. The systems’ tracking, alerts, reports and maps clearly show offending drivers and their managers where problems lie enabling them to take corrective action.

“ScorpionTrack Fleet customers can benefit from significant insurance premium reductions too. Not only do some insurers acknowledge the value of fleet tracking to mitigate road risks, but our system is uniquely Insurance Approved and meets ‘Police Preferred Specification’ for theft prevention and stolen vehicle recovery. This accreditation applies when the optional 24/7 theft monitoring service is taken. Further premium reductions may also be available by opting for the system’s HD vehicle cameras which offer live view and remote streaming via its cloud based platform. “

 What kind of cost saving can a business expect and how long before the benefit? “It’s common for businesses using ScorpionTrack Fleet for the first time to see reductions in fuel costs within just a few weeks of using the solution. Businesses often report fuel, insurance and maintenance costs savings of between 15% and 20%. “

 What productivity gains can a business expect from ScorpionTrack Fleet? “Productivity gains vary depending on the type of business. An obvious gain is ensuring each of your mobile staff are doing what they should, where they should and when they should! It also eliminates the requirement for office based staff to make constant phone calls to determine each of their driver’s changing locations. In doing so, it reduces the number of calls received by their drivers, so they can focus on-the-road and the job in-hand. Efficient journey planning and work scheduling can also free up capacity for extra deliveries, collections, sales visits or service calls each day. Other productivity gains can be yielded by acting upon the operational insights provided by the many reports that can be generated from the system which can be displayed online, via the mobile app and exported as an HTML or CSV file”.

Can you tell us a little about the Geofencing feature, what it is and how it works? “ScorpionTrack Fleet offers a customisable Geofencing feature which enables you to ‘draw’ specific areas onto the map of the system’s web based software. These’ geofences’ can be drawn around a customer address, work site or town where your vehicles are allowed or prohibited. You can then set up alerts or reports when vehicles enter or exit those locations. They can also be used for billing ‘time on site’ or evidencing to customers that your staff have visited a site at a scheduled time. The system allows for the creation of an unlimited number of geofences that can be manually entered or uploaded by a CSV file.”

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