Licence checking at the heart of business strategy

Monday, November 3, 2014 - 15:00
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With a fleet of 2,200 cars, vans and trucks, accurate licence checking is a must

With a fleet of 2,200 cars, vans and trucks, accurate licence checking is a must

After a recent survey suggesting licence and insurance checking was lax in the fleet industry and worries about HMRC compliance, it’s refreshing to see a real-time licence checking service at the heart of Severn Trent Water’s proactive risk management and compliance strategy.

Severn Trent Water runs a fleet of 2,200 cars, vans and trucks across 500 key sites and employs 4,500 separate drivers who drive approximately 57 million miles each year. To accurately manage their drivers, they use an online licence checking service to primarily ensure drivers hold a full and valid licence and have the correct entitlement for the vehicle driven, with 4,500 drivers registered on the system.

The company launched its Driver Safety Programme in 2012 following internal communication and awareness programmes and partnered with Licence Bureau across June and July 2013 – running a series of roadshows designed to take the programme to more remotes part of Severn Trent’s geographical coverage. This initiative helped drive compliance up to the 98% it currently enjoys.

This excellent compliance level helped contribute to a robust risk management and compliance system with strong processes and an audit trail.

“With so many drivers spread across so many different sites running a very diverse fleet of cars, vans and trucks up to 44 tonnes GVW, we need real time licence data to hand to help us proactively manage our drivers and vehicles,” said Michelle Keeble, Driving Safety Coordinator. “Our approach is all about looking after our employees and working with them to ensure they are trained and legally able to drive the vehicles we give them to carry out their job each day. If there is an issue with a revoked licence for instance the driver’s manager would proactively take responsibility for this and work with the driver until it is resolved.

“We adopt a top down approach to risk management and duty of care, which includes licence checking. It has helped contribute to the very effective running of a major fleet operation,” she added.

Severn Trent Water’s overall approval to compliance and risk management is one that other fleets could learn from according to Malcolm Maycock, Licence Bureau’s managing director: “The proactive approach to managing drivers and vehicles is excellent and the processes in place mean that the fleet department is always set up to achieve as near to 100% driver and vehicle compliance at all times,” he said.

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