Demand for online driver training and profiling at all-time high

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 16:04
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Delivers immediate savings

As the UK emerges from the recession and increasing amounts of fleet management companies relax their budgets, it is leading to an increased demand for online driver profiling and training.

Part of the reason the number of companies implementing a process of online risk assessments and e-driver training for car and commercial vehicle drivers has soared this year could be down to companies recognising their duty of care to drivers, looking for ways to reduce accident costs and now having the budget to invest in areas that were overlooked or affected during over the past four years as purse strings grew tighter.

“Risk assessing and training company car, van and HGV drivers delivers immediate savings by reducing the number of accidents, and it enables companies to meet their health and safety obligations,” said Jonathan Mosley, sales and marketing director at E-Training World

“With the recession behind us, far more companies are investing in driver profiling and online driver training for their drivers than we’ve seen in previous years.

“What we’re also finding is that companies are implementing an on-going, continuous process of assessing and training drivers. This also shows the increasing commitment to driver safety and accident reduction because it embeds a culture of safe driving into the heart of a company, as opposed to it being something acted upon only occasionally.”

E-learning modules can cover a wide range of topics – including parking and manoeuvring, avoiding rear end collisions, speed awareness, hazard perception and many more. Have you noticed an improvement since implementing online driver profiling and training into your fleet? Let us know in the comments below.

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