Onto add 1,100 all-electric ZOEs to their s...

Jul 22, 2020Comments off

The New Renault ZOE is set to introduce even more drivers to the benefits of electric vehicles following Onto, the innovative subscription based EV service,

E-Car Club launch University of Hertfordshi...

Jan 28, 2014Comments off

First pay-per-use car club provide staff, students and community members with two Renault Zoes and a Renault Fluence Z.E

RSPB invest in new Renault Zoe

Nov 18, 2013Comments off

Society bag plug-in, in effort to drive down carbon footprint

Patience key in battle to establish eco-fri...

Jul 11, 2013Comments off

Despite enjoying 50% of the European market, Renault have shifted just 29,000 units in 18months

Zoe will silence electric sceptics, claim R...

Jul 03, 2013Comments off

New Zoe, available from £13,995, was released this week