IVECO S-WAY ‘I’m Unstoppable...

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IVECO’s ‘I’m Unstoppable’ video campaign, developed to support the launch of the new IVECO S-WAY heavy truck range, has received two major prizes at the

Jack Richards puts driver behaviour in the ...

May 30, 2018Comments off

One of the region’s largest hauliers has demonstrated its commitment to the best driving standards following its latest fleet-related investment. Jack Richards in Fakenham, a

Dealer sells classic Porsche to Singapore b...

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A car buyer from Singapore has snapped up one of the most sought-after classic cars from a dealership in Oxfordshire after the seller used video

Crash For Cash Scammer Is Caught

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This is the moment a suspected compensation hunter sprinted towards a taxi and hurled herself on the bonnet before playing dead in the middle of

Burglar Tries To Ram His Way Through Traffi...

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Dramatic footage has emerged of a burglar who tried to smash his way through a queue of traffic in a stolen Mini in Birmingham before

WATCH: Large Wagon Tips Over

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Large wagon tipped over in front driver.

Pigs Run Wild On Japanese Highway

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A group of 19 plucky pigs caused a five-kilometre (three mile) traffic jam on a Japanese motorway after making a bold dash for freedom while

Wildebeest Thinks Car Is His Mom

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This lost baby wildebeest thought a car was his mom — so these people figured out how to reunite him with his real family

Ferrari Driver Gets Stuck In Brighton Marke...

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Watch Ferrari Driver Gets Stuck In Brighton Market.

WATCH: A Crazed Idiot BMW Driver

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A crazed BMW driver overtakes another motorist by driving on the curb, he then exits his vehicle, rips the victim's door open and proceeds to