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HORIBA MIRA Calls for Urgent Review of Outd...

Sep 03, 2019No Comments

An urgent overhaul of how range is determined on electric vehicles (EVs) is needed if the UK is to successfully tackle ‘range anxiety’, according to

Sweden unveils advanced testing facility fo...

Oct 18, 2018Comments off

The safety of testing self-driving technology has garnered global attention recently following fatal incidents on public roads. As a result, the demand for better and

TruTac makes it easy for operators affected...

Aug 16, 2018Comments off

On May 20th, 2018 the Department for Transport (DfT) revised the rules regarding vehicle testing exemptions. Consequently, the DfT estimates around 29,500 HGVs be required

Top 4 Safest SUV’s 2018

May 15, 2018Comments off

SUV testing demonstrate how safe these vehicles are in a serious accident.

Watch this car drive more than 18,000 miles...

Mar 15, 2018Comments off

A manufacturer has driven its new car more than 18,000 miles in temperatures as low as minus 35 – only stopping to refuel and change

Carmakers overselling official fuel-efficie...

May 29, 2013Comments off

Deception costs the average driver an extra £500 in fuel every year

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