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Disaster relief charity to aid lorry driver...

May 30, 2022Comments off

A charity specialising in disaster relief has been awarded a 6-month contract by Kent County Council to provide food and water to HGV drivers stuck

truck cabs

Driving into the future: recent changes in ...

Aug 06, 2021Comments off

Truck manufacturers are constantly looking to create more space in their cabs, deliver fuel efficiency gains and introduce enhanced driver assistance technology to make life

Truck Drivers

Young people won’t drive trucks even ...

Feb 09, 2021Comments off

The UK is facing a shortage of 76,000 thousand drivers, despite the wages being higher than the UK average and jobs being waiting. Mark Hall

Youngsters are the answer for the UK’...

Dec 17, 2018Comments off

Youngsters, some as young as 10, could provide a long-term solution to the UK’s lack of lorry drivers which estimates put at more than 40,000