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Petrol drivers continue to get a raw deal a...

Sep 07, 2022Comments off

Despite a further 12p (12.31p) coming off the price of the average price of petrol last month – the largest monthly drop on record –

FairFuelUK accuse fuel companies of rackete...

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“Rishi, Liz: MPs and the Nation want real action on reducing fuel supply chain profiteering to help cut the cost of living and reduce inflationary

Fuel Pumps

Start Rescue saves motorists’ money durin...

Aug 02, 2022Comments off

The UK is in the grip of a fuel price crisis with millions of motorists struggling with rising petrol and diesel costs. However, the experts

Cost of filling up rises £9 in June

Jul 07, 2022Comments off

The average cost of a litre of petrol rose a staggering 16.59p in June, smashing the previous 11p record set in March and sending pump

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Filling the average car with petrol hits £...

Jun 09, 2022Comments off

The BBC has reported today (9th June 2022) that the cost of filling up the average family car has now topped £100.* As prices at the

IRU launches action plan on fuel prices

Jun 06, 2022Comments off

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) the world road transport organisation, has launched a 17-point emergency plan for governments to tackle rising fuel prices and

UK fuel crisis: the worst is yet to come

May 17, 2022Comments off

UK drivers, fleet managers, and retailers will struggle to forget the fuel crisis of 2021, when the triple threat of Brexit, COVID-19 and the ensuing

Welsh fuel prices

Record pump prices are hurting drivers and ...

Mar 07, 2022Comments off

It is possible that petrol and diesel prices are to rocket even further by 10p to 20p per litre this coming week. Howard Cox of

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Shippers warned to brace for fuel surcharge...

Oct 22, 2021Comments off

Resurgence in fuel prices, set to be passed on by carriers, means cargo owners will have to contend with higher bunker adjustment factors on top

Asda voted ‘UK’s favourite petrol retai...

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Customer service and price paramount in retaining customer loyalty, Market Force survey finds