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Freight prices rise for 14 straight months

Apr 06, 2022Comments off

New industry index data reveals March’s average haulage and courier price-per-mile was up 12% year-on-year. This comes as the whole UK supply chain is feeling

Why does the price of diesel rise when the ...

Sep 19, 2019Comments off

Following the recent attacks on a refinery in Saudi Arabia, the cost of fuel is likely to rise. Loss of production is a major factor

Diesel drivers face rip off at the pumps

Oct 25, 2018Comments off

Data from PetrolPrices.com shows that since the end of March prices have been steadily rising, and industry experts are predicting that this will continue, especially

Ex-Fleet Diesel Prices Reach Two-Year High

Feb 08, 2018Comments off

Used diesel cars are showing no signs of losing their appeal with trade buyers and their customers according to Aston Barclay’s 2017 Market Insights report.

Asda voted ‘UK’s favourite petrol retai...

Sep 19, 2013Comments off

Customer service and price paramount in retaining customer loyalty, Market Force survey finds