Autonomous Vehicles

1.2 Million Jobs Could Be Affected by Autom...

Nov 27, 2018Comments off

Human drivers on the road could soon become obsolete, according to research from the UK’s leading price comparison site, MoneySuperMarket. Driverless vehicles are growing in


Is the UK public ready for driverless cars?

Nov 22, 2018Comments off

While more than half of the UK public (53 per cent) feel positive about the way technology is driving change in the country, there is

Smart & interactive augmented reality ...

Nov 19, 2018Comments off

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of advancements and interest in both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). From the

Price Comparison Websites

Autonomous fleets – an insurance for the ...

Oct 31, 2018Comments off

There is no doubt that the automotive world is set to change dramatically in the next five or so years as autonomous vehicles (AVs) are

Survey shows that old and animals should be...

Oct 26, 2018Comments off

In a survey managed by MIT Media Lab and reported in the UK newspaper, The Independent, old people and animals should be sacrificed in autonomous

Addison Lee’s self-driving taxis coul...

Oct 23, 2018Comments off

Addison Lee has unveiled plans to launch self-driving taxis in London by 2021 as it joins the autonomous vehicle road race. The firm has formed

Automated driving is dangerously confusing ...

Oct 19, 2018Comments off

Research launched today shows that 71% of drivers around the world believe they can purchase a self-driving car right now. The astonishing finding is just

Sweden unveils advanced testing facility fo...

Oct 18, 2018Comments off

The safety of testing self-driving technology has garnered global attention recently following fatal incidents on public roads. As a result, the demand for better and

Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Act become...

Jul 23, 2018Comments off

The Automated and Electric Vehicles (AEV) Act, which will improve and expand electric vehicle public charging, has passed through Parliament. The AEV Act will give

Calls to replace HS2 with an autonomous veh...

Jun 25, 2018Comments off

A keynote speaker at this year’s Future of Transportation Conference proposes transforming the outdated HS2 rail project into the world’s first autonomous car and truck

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