How fleet video telematics technology delivers enhanced fleet safety

Operating a fleet is only going to get more expensive in the next few years, but video telematics technology helps business fleet owners to run more successfully. Wialon, global platform for telematics and IoT, world leader in number of connected vehicles, provides an enhanced video fleet management solution, to solve fleet owners’ most pressing problems.

The Arval Mobility Observatory’s Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2022 surveyed decision-makers across 26 different countries to find out more about the resilience of fleets. The study showed that 94% expect their fleet to remain stable or grow over the next three years, with only 6% anticipating a decrease in fleet sizes. As the sizes of fleets continue to increase, fleet management technology grows in importance, as fleet managers desperately need more visibility. In response to this growing need, Wialon provides its updated video telematics solution, which can be deployed via telematics services providers worldwide.

Fleet managers are seeking extensive visibility into driver activity for on-road driver safety reasons, route optimisation or to optimise business costs. Wialon’s video solution enables businesses to improve all these fleet management processes and outcomes, with seamless UX, ease and convenience in storing, saving and searching video feeds. Video streams from MDVRs are transmitted and stored via the AWS cloud, enabling  users to work with live streams and video records with maximum efficiency.

Wialon’s video telematics solution unlocks a wealth of opportunity for fleet managers, who are able to live-stream footage from their fleet of vehicles. The solution can be accessed online via both web and mobile applications, and the Wialon platform includes the capability to live stream video feeds using 5G technology for ultra low latency. Video feeds are generated automatically to get linked to any event that triggers recording to take place. Data and videos are automatically processed and stored in the AWS cloud.

Enhancing driver safety through real-time video monitoring

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study, driver fatigue is a factor in 13% of all truck crashes. The study also found that truck drivers were responsible for 36% of all truck crashes, with those who did not have enough recovery time, or could not find an adequate resting place over a prolonged period, highest at risk of causing a fatality. By implementing tools such as the Wialon video module, fleet managers gain invaluable insight and data points from the resulting incidents, and can enable contingency plans to be put in place, to prevent future truck crashes.

By using video fleet management software such as Wialon, fleet managers can tap into the vehicles’ live feeds and check in on their drivers in real-time and in recording to make sure that they are fully alert. Cameras with the in-cabin view ensure that the drivers are not distracted, are not carrying unauthorized personnel, are not smoking, texting or showing signs of fatigue. The video solution does not just show and save video files but skillfully integrates them into the entire tracking system. For example, working with video recordings is indispensable for analysing road accidents and other incidents.

Streamlining fleet operations through video-based route optimisation

Wialon uses geo-fencing to streamline fleet operations for fleet managers around the globe, enabling them to use fleet GPS tracking to set up virtual boundaries around certain locations or along set routes. When a vehicle enters or exits the boundary, an alert will be triggered and shared with a central hub. For owners of a fleet of vehicles, telematics vehicle tracking technology can help to monitor the location and movements of vehicles and helps to ensure that all assets remain on their assigned routes.

When looking into route planning, geo-fencing can be used to optimise driver routes and ensure that vehicles are always on the most effective path, which helps avoid accidents, road closures or high traffic areas. By having the freedom and flexibility to plan fleet routes dynamically, fuel usage can also be optimised, as fleet managers have a live, birds-eye view of all road activity.

The benefits of geo-fencing in fleet management technology go beyond route optimisation and fuel efficiency, as the feature can also be extremely useful from a security perspective. The Wialon platform leverages geo-fencing to keep track of employees and equipment at all times, preventing any equipment or fuel from going missing en-route.

Video management solutions are a cost-effective solution during economically uncertain times

Video management solutions are essential for fleet managers in their quest for optimising costs, ensuring performance and reducing total cost of ownership, but choosing the right technology and technology partner can be confusing. What sets Wialon apart is reliability, seamless UX and advanced capabilities that can be scaled according to client needs.

Wialon helps improve telematics fleet management on a global scale, to optimise routes and enable fuel management, and the fleet dash cam enhances monitoring to improve both drivers and civilian safety, and ensure the security of all assets being transported.

Live streams, video playback capabilities and the ability to save video files within the interface means that fleet managers can save valuable time when reviewing footage multiple times in the case of an incident. Additionally, the ability to link a video to a specific event, as well as the automatic saving functionalities, with use of notifications significantly streamlines business operations, and frees up time for other necessary activities.

Wialon platform with advanced video monitoring solution delivers valuable business benefits, with supreme efficiency the ultimate outcome.

About Wialon

Wialon is a global platform for GPS tracking and IoT. Wialon allows you to manage business more efficiently, reduce costs, automate processes, digitize, and scale up. The platform, built by the European software developer Gurtam, currently tracks over 3.4 million mobile and stationary assets in over 150 countries, via over 2,400 telematics and IoT service providers.

If you would like to hear more about how Wialon can help make your fleet as efficient and cost-effective as possible, you can learn more here.

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