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UK service stations labelled the worst for truck drivers

Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 06:18
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While there is a much-needed focus on the pressures facing the truck community, new research from eStar, the Mercedes-Benz Truck and Van franchise partner in the North West and North Wales, highlights the hidden issues faced by hard-working drivers when they need to take a break at one of the UK’s service stations.

Research conducted amongst 250 truck and van drivers showed that two-thirds (66%) believe the UK has the worst service stations out of all the countries they’ve visited. In fact, 33% of male drivers say service stations are unusable, with this rising to 38% amongst female drivers.

Lorry driverDrivers say service stations are dingy (33%), dirty (27%) and unsafe (28%), and sadly, these working conditions makes them feel vulnerable (16%), unsafe (15%) and neglected (15%).

When asked specifically about what the daily issues facing them were, the respondents cited:

  1. Access to bathroom facilities (50%)
  2. Long waiting times for loading/unloading (46%)
  3. Quality of food available at service stations (43%)
  4. Cleanliness of service stations (41%)
  5. Unhygienic facilities at service stations (39%)

As a result of this, 40% of drivers feel they are treated unfairly, with a further 36% feeling like they’re forgotten about, so changes truck and van drivers would like to see were cited as:

  • Driver community areas to socialise with the rest of the community (38%)
  • Increased toilet/shower facilities (38%)
  • Increased parking spaces (34%)
  • Greater security measures (34%)
  • Clean facilities (33%)
  • Healthier food options (32%)

Steve Bridge, Managing Director of eStar, said: “As we head closer to Christmas the demand for deliveries is getting higher and higher, meaning more work for truck and van drivers. These drivers are among those who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and have faced several other issues including driver shortages, Brexit and an unprecedented increase in deliveries. Quite often these jobs involve driving for long periods of time, unsocial hours, and having to take pit stops at service stations.

“Those of us that use service stations as quick stop-offs on long trips to grab some food or use the facilities may not notice the environment in as much detail, so we’re proud to be able to give drivers a voice to share their own views.

“Working environments have an effect on us and our attitudes towards our jobs no matter the role or what we do, which is why at our new Knowsley dealerships, we have created a driver lounge and shower facility for all our truck customers, even if they don’t have any work booked in with us that day – they’re welcome to use our safe, secure, and clean facilities at any time.”

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