Autonomous Vehicles

Use of AI is the future of ensuring driver ...

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Over the past two decades artificial intelligence has been playing an integral role in paving the way to transforming industries in both a positive and

How the 3G sunset will impact the logistics...

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Disparity between technological innovation and implementation often occurs when there is a lack of awareness or leadership to respond to industry changes. And we are

Driverless car in London

Future of fleet mobility

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One small regulation change has altered the future of fleet mobility. The recent announcement by the UK government that will enable driverless vehicles to operate

Connected trucks

What does the future of transport connectiv...

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In 2022, we are living in a connected world. We communicate through robust virtual channels, conduct work remotely, and receive healthcare at a distance, all

Checking HGV trailer tyres

MICHELIN Connected Fleet launches in the UK

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Michelin is using the occasion of ITT Hub at Farnborough (Booth 1511) to launch MICHELIN Connected Fleet in the UK, its new brand bringing together

Digital crime by an anonymous hacker

Cyber security warning for fleets

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According to government data, the cost of cyber crime to the UK is an estimated £27bn per annum. The fleet industry is not immune to

Nissan Qashqai

Euro NCAP Assisted Driving results

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The latest round of Euro NCAP results feature assessment of four new cars with ‘Level 2’ Assisted Driving systems. The gradings are based on dedicated

CAVForth Autonomous Bus

UK’s first autonomous bus takes to the ro...

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The UK’s first full-sized autonomous bus will take to the roads of Scotland for the first time this week (week commencing 25 April) as live

hands free driving

Britain moves closer to a self-driving revo...

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Drivers will be able to experience the full benefits of the first self-driving vehicles when they arrive, as Government sets out how they should be

Van driving on the road

Security takes the driver’s seat in the d...

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“We have a problem when it comes to the security of our fleet.” Words you may hear from your boss. Next thing you know,  you