Wilson James appoint CLM to manage 100-strong vehicle fleet

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 14:00
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PLEASED: Darren Ward, of Wilson James

Managed security specialist Wilson James are outsourcing the management of their 100-strong UK fleet to CLM.

The move is designed to boost customer service, communications and maintenance management, while increasing fleet value and efficiency.

Fleet management specialists CLM will look after Wilson James’ 40 Ford, Audi and Mercedes cars, and 60 Ford and Nissan LCVs.

Dissatisfied with the service provided by their incumbent provider, Wilson James sought a much-improved fleet management specialist.

A tender exercise attracted submissions from 12 fleet management suppliers, a number then reduced to a final shortlist of four.

Darren Ward, Business Performance Manager of Wilson James, said: “We arranged to visit the offices of the final four suppliers and before the visits took place, CLM was in second position.

”But, after visiting the offices at Newport Pagnell and meeting the people we would be working with, we were so impressed with the personal touches that CLM provided and the impression that they made, we decided to award them a three year outsource contract, including the maintenance management of all our vehicles.

“Ours is a very people-orientated business and it was important we selected a partner that we could work well with, and in that respect CLM scored very highly.”

CLM have now been Wilson James’s fleet management supplier for nine months and the relationship has proved to be a very successful one, added Mr Ward.

“Historically, we have always outright purchased rather than leased our vehicles,” he said.

“This is for two key reasons.

“One is that we want to avoid the end-of-contract wrangling that we used to have when we leased and which leasing vehicles inevitably seems to attract.

“The other is flexibility.

“We are often awarded nine month contracts that run on until 18months or can stop at any time.

“This does not fit very well with the standard lease profile of two or three years.

“So we outright purchase our vehicles to ensure we always have control over how long a period we operate them for.

“In addition, our business mileages tend to be at the extreme end of the scale, with some of our two year old cars exceeding the standard lease contract of 20,000/30,000 miles per annum.”

An important aspect of the outsource contract is the management of the maintenance spend of the Wilson James fleet.

CLM utilise a network of franchised and independent garages and, through careful invoice management and cost control, are typically able to reduce maintenance outlay by 8-10%.

“CLM has really added value to this area of our fleet,” added Mr Ward.

“We wanted increased control and visibility of our maintenance spend.

“CLM has been able to define for us exactly what our spend is through regular reporting, and has also been able to demonstrate maintenance savings each month through the measures they have introduced.

“We now feel that we have a more open relationship with our fleet management provider.

“Like us, CLM is small enough to care but big enough to get the job done.

“We no longer feel that we are just a name on a long list of clients but one that is valued.”

Rob Wentworth-James, Head of Sales and Marketing at CLM, added: “We are delighted to welcome Wilson James to our client portfolio and to have been awarded this outsource contract to replace their previous provider.

“We have sought to improve service levels and introduce tighter control on the maintenance management of the Wilson James vehicles, which has resulted in considerable savings for the company to date.

“We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding business relationship.”

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