New Chevin app to allow on-the-move fleet data gathering

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 08:00
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HANDY: New FleetWave Mobile app

A new, soon-to-be-launched Chevin app will allow a wide variety of data gathering on the move – covering almost any conceivable workflow process, including fleet.

Released later this quarter, FleetWave Mobile is designed to be used in conjunction with Chevin’s well-established FleetWave fleet management system.

It will work on Android and mobile Windows smartphones and tablets, with an Apple iOS version also in development.

The app can be adapted to the needs of individual organisations to gather fleet or other operational information using manual input, QR codes, bar codes or pictures.

Crucially, it does not have to be online to capture data – information can be stored and then uploaded later on.

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director of Chevin Fleet Solutions, said: “Our approach with the development of FleetWave Mobile has been to make the core product as flexible as possible so that we can sit down with each company and decide on ways in which its productivity can be maximised, bearing in mind their particular needs.

“What we have produced is a highly adaptable mobile data gathering tool that has a wide variety of fleet-specific applications but which is also ideal for organisations where the fleet is simply a tool in the delivery of a product or service.

“For example, a technician inspecting a commercial vehicle for compliance could use a form generated within the app and so could a driver recording mileage and journey information – but FleetWave Mobile is equally suited to the driver of a van needing a signature to show a delivery has been made or a field worker for a utilities company who needs to record complex information.”

Mr Sowerby added that Chevin was often surprised at the amount of paper communication that still occurred in these kinds of scenarios.

“We would probably go as far as to say that paper remains the most popular method of communication with field workers in most industries,” he added.

“An app like FleetWave Mobile can, however, provide a faster, more accurate, lower cost alternative.”

Chevin’s FleetWave is a web-based enterprise fleet solution that manages around 700,000 fleet vehicles worldwide.

Customers include St Gobain Transport, Bristol City Council, Honda Motor Europe and Marie Stopes International.

Image courtesy of philcampbell, with thanks.

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