Volkswagen Continues Its Upward Trend

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 14:30
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At 550,900 vehicles, worldwide deliveries by the Volkswagen brand in October 2017 were 7.7 percent higher than the previous year. In total, the Volkswagen brand has delivered 5.04 million vehicles to customers worldwide so far this year.

As a result, deliveries from January to October were 3.2 percent higher than the previous year. Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, commented: “This has been the most successful October of all time for Volkswagen. A special boost came from the market in China, where there was an increase of some 26,000 vehicles compared with the same month last year. We are seeing positive momentum in many regions and are delighted with the continued strong demand for our vehicles.”

Deliveries in the regions and markets in October developed as follows:

At 131,300 new vehicles, deliveries in Europe remained stable The Volkswagen brand reported strong growth in Italy (+6.7 percent), where the new Polo was successfully launched. In Poland, too, significantly more vehicles were handed over to customers than in the same month last year (+ 15.3 percent).

At 41,900 units, there was a slight decrease (-2.5 percent) in deliveries in Germany, which also impacted developments in Western Europe as a whole (-3 percent). However, there is a clear upward trend in orders in Germany which is partly attributable to positive momentum from the environmental

The Volkswagen brand recorded significant growth in Central and Eastern Europe, with deliveries up 7 percent. This positive development was again driven by Russia, which recorded 14.6 percent growth.

At 49,300 vehicles, deliveries in North America in October were 6.3 percent higher than last year. Deliveries in the USA rose 11.9 percent to 27,700 vehicles. Deliveries in Canada rose 31.5 percent to 6,700 units, making this the most successful October of all time in Canada, too.

35,900 vehicles were handed over to customers in South America, representing an increase of 2 percent. Key drivers behind this positive development were Brazil with an increase of 73.6 percent, and Argentina with an increase of 44.5 percent. Growth in the small car segment, which includes the Gol and Voyage, in these markets was particularly strong compared with the previous year.

The Volkswagen brand continued its positive growth course in China in 303,800 vehicles were handed over to customers in this, the largest market, corresponding to an increase of 9.2 percent. The Tiguan family was much in demand, with 31,100 units delivered in October, an increase of 37.2 percent.

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