Trident Honda Delivers Platinum Service To BSRIA

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 15:30
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Trident Honda, located in Ottershaw, has delivered the perfect pooling cars to Berkshire-based BSRIA thanks to additional training given as part of Honda’s Platinum Business Programme.

Trident Honda signed up for the programme last year, resulting in its entire team receiving advanced training to allow them to better understand the needs and wants of their fleet and corporate customers. This training came to fruition when Trident Honda provided construction specialist consultancy, BSRIA, with three new Honda Civic Tourers for its new fleet of pool cars, providing the perfect solution for BSRIA’s fleet needs.

Trident Honda’s dealer principal and commercial director, Steve Henderson, commented: “For businesses that prefer to hire vehicles rather than own them outright, Honda Contract Hire rentals offer the ideal solution. We were delighted to be able to supply BSRIA with the three new Civic Tourers and to receive such positive feedback.”

Eian Hardacre, financial director at BSRIA, added: “We were delighted to have selected the Honda Civic Tourers for our new fleet of pool cars. Indeed, they are economical, reliable and excellent at carrying a capacity load – crucial for BSRIA’s daily work in the world of the built environment.

“A fleet with high fuel economy to help drive costs down, and low emissions to help contribute to a greener environment, are topics close to BSRIA’s heart. Safety, security and durability are crucial too, and the Honda Tourers deliver in all of these key areas.”

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