Tracker Urges Fleets To Back Air.Car Trial

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 14:20
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Tantalum Corporation, which already has the best in class fuel saving telematics product, is developing a ground-breaking capability to accurately estimate, in real-time, NOx emissions.

TRACKER, part of the Tantalum Corporation, is urging fleet managers to become part of a six-month trial of this capability completely for free, contributing to groundbreaking research, which will reduce air pollution, improve public health and save money.

Tantalum Corporation was recently awarded funding by Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles to develop Air.Car, a solution to estimate accurately real-time NOx emissions and help fleet managers drive down these emissions, saving fuel and operational costs.

TRACKER will install telematics units to vehicles’ OBD and offer a short training course for fleet managers to maximise the benefits of the data they will receive. Fleet Managers will receive access to cloud-based fleet management software, which will present them with:

      –  Real-time CO2 and NOx emissions, location, data reporting, driver behaviour and crash reporting will be included, free of charge, including:

      –  Vehicle location and real-times and historic trip data

      –  Reporting daily, weekly, monthly, including idling time and utilisation rates

      –  Accurate fuel usage by vehicle, by individual trip including wasted fuel

      –  Vehicle health – notification of fault codes

      –  Crash notification

      –  Driver behaviour analytics

TRACKER’s units can be easily connected to any vehicle’s on-board computer, making it a hassle-free proposition for fleet managers considering participation in the Air.Car trial. Emissions data streams combined with the vehicle’s location will inform drivers, fleet owners of the real environmental impact of individual vehicles. This data will give fleet managers the data and tools to improve driver behaviour resulting in lower operational costs and environmental impact.

NOx emissions lead to NO2, a poisonous gas that irritates the lungs and affects children’s lung development and the Government published its latest action plan to reduce these emissions from transport on 5 May. The plan stated that there could be up to 27 Clean Air Zones in England.

The Air.Car trial starts in December and is a major part of the overall project. Commercial fleets, which take part in the trial will play a vital role in testing and fine tuning the solution, as well as benefiting from improved fleet efficiency and the full suite of TRACKER’s telematics offering. Air.Car participation will be a quantifiable enhancement to any business’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme helping them to reduce their environmental impact.

World-leading engineering university Imperial College London will assist in developing and verifying the technology to accurately estimate NOx emissions, and TRACKER’s real-time CO2 emissions product has already helped customers save an average of 15% in fuel costs through better driving, it is anticipated to reduce NOx emissions by as much as 50% through advising improved driving style.

“It is our belief that companies, local authorities and the public all want to help clean up the air we breathe,” adds David Wilson, TRACKER’s Chief Operating Officer. “Towns and cities across the UK have dangerous levels of NO2, significantly over legally allowed limits, and increasing urbanisation and congestion are only set to magnify this problem. Air.Car will be able to help deliver much needed emissions reduction in a smarter, cheaper and fairer way than some of the alternatives that are being considered.”

Fleets are being recruited from the public and commercial sectors as part of this trial, which will run within London and other UK cities where Clean Air Zones are to be established. Businesses interested in taking part can register online at

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