Team Global sign up to Fleet Management Made Simple

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 10:00
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Car Leasing Made Simple-Laura Heathcote-Smith-Leonie Channell

SIGNED: Laura Heathcote-Smith (left)

Heathrow-based express and logistics company Team Global are enjoying the benefits of Car Leasing Made Simple’s (AFL’s) Fleet Management tool.

The tool is helping Team Global manage their 30-strong vehicle fleet from any location using an internet-enabled device.

Keith Wright, General Manager at Team Global, said: “Since using this tool I have not had to worry about forgetting to MOT vehicles once they hit three years old as the software reminds me ahead of time.

“It also reminds me to inspect vehicles on a regular basis for damage which may not have been reported.

“One of the most useful features is the odometer section where you can regularly input the mileage reading of the vehicles and make sure they are not going over their contracted mileage, missing out on servicing or needing to be replaced.”

Laura Heathcote-Smith, Senior Relationship Manager at Car Leasing Made Simple, added: “I have been working with Keith at Team Global since I started with AFL.

“As early adopters, Team Global have been fantastic in helping us to improve the system further, particularly when working with fleets of cars and also commercial vans.

“We are currently in the process of doing a whole life cost analysis on his current fleet and working with him to recommend a few options to improve cash flow and reduce costs.”