‘Stealth-cyclists’ risking lives by ignoring visibility advice

Monday, October 21, 2013 - 14:05
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RISK: Cyclists not going hi-visibility

Large numbers of cyclists are risking their lives by forgetting to use bike lights and wear high-visibility clothing, new research has shown.

A study by Autoglass found that 48% of cyclists admit to being caught without lights or high-visibility clothing when the clocks go back.

Commuter cyclists are most likely to be unwittingly caught out, the survey found, with 63% admitting to forgetting to utilise the basic night safety equipment.

More than half (57%) of cyclists surveyed admitted they could take more action to make themselves visible to other road-users in the dark.

Worryingly, just 39% regularly wear high-visibility clothing, 42% regularly use headlamps on their bike and 27% regularly use brake lights.

Matthew Mycock, Managing Director at Autoglass, said: “Cyclists are the only group of road users at increased risk of injury and death on the roads over recent years and ‘stealth-cycling’ shouldn’t be an option.

“It’s crucial that cyclists do all they can to protect themselves and standing out with high visibility clothing can help to save lives.”

The survey found 31% of cyclists feel making high-visibility jackets compulsory would help ensure safety, with 21% claiming better road lighting would also help.

Government figures show 118 cyclists were killed on Britain’s roads in 2012, up from 107 in 2011 and accounting for 7% of all road deaths.

The number of cyclists seriously injured increased by 4% to 3,222.

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