Seven Telematics eliminates all shocks for Lincoln Medical

Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 16:23
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Full peace of mind about the traceability of their goods, as well as the ability to react quickly to any alerts for possible load temperature deviation, were the principle reasons behind Lincoln Medical adding Seven Telematics’ Cool Track system to their existing TranScan 2 data loggers on their pan-European distribution vehicles.

The Wiltshire-based medical equipment company supply pharmaceutical products to customers all over Europe using Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans.

Dave Parry, sales support and supply manager at Lincoln Medical says, “Using Seven Telematics TranScan 2 with Cool Track has removed all the potential concerns we have during long distance deliveries. It is an extremely simple system to use and highly customisable to our individual requirements.”

Lincoln Medical supplies potentially lifesaving medication to its customers. It is essential that these products are transported in a controlled ambient environment with no deviation outside of the prescribed 5°C and 25°C temperature band.

As Dave Parry explains, “Within the body of the vans, the products can be heated and cooled independently, dependent on the season and time of the year. We have always used the TranScan data logging system to run alongside our palm size temperature loggers for 24/7 verification and also for important functions such as printing off journey tickets at the final delivery locations.”

“Recently, we added the Cool Track remote tracking facility and that has enhanced the level of service we can give to our customers even further. We can now ensure full traceability of the goods and the vehicle at all times, whilst also remotely track the temperature and act upon any alerts when the internal temperature deviates from the set points. The system also warns us of any possible power failure, enabling us to implement the quickest possible response,” added Dave.


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