Scania launch Euro VI and Streamline product course

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 09:00
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COURSE: Scania announce new training venture

Scania are launching a one-day Streamline Euro VI course to provide customers with a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of the new product.

Aimed at fleet owners, fleet engineers and transport managers and delivered on-site at the operator’s premises, the course includes an on-road driving experience, suitable both for drivers and non-drivers.

David Hickman, Director of Services Development and Service Sales for Scania (Great Britain), said: “The introduction of the Streamline vehicle represents a significant development for Scania product, coupled with Euro VI it has the potential to considerably affect operating costs.

“For example, in a recent independent test it was found that the fuel consumption of an experienced driver on a known route could be increased by as much as 4% when using the latest technology to best effect.

“To get the best from our Streamline Euro VI vehicles, it is essential that managers appreciate the technology in order to understand what is required to achieve maximum efficiency in operation.”

The one-day Streamline Euro 6 familiarisation course can be delivered to up to four delegates at a time, depending upon experience.

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