Risk Technology bag £250,000 Smart award


AMAZING: £250,000 boost for Risk

Vehicle telematics company Risk Technology have been awarded a maximum £250,000 award from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

The award is part of the TSB’s Smart programme, which offers co-funding to UK-based companies with cutting-edge ideas and high growth potential.

It helps companies assess potential markets, prove concepts and develop prototypes, and encourages company investment by reducing financial risk.

Risk Technology will utilise the funding for a two-year work programme aimed at extending the scope of their vehicle black box solution.

Wayne Gilbert, CTO of Risk Technology Ltd, said: “The Smart programme funding is an amazing endorsement of the company and our telematics solutions.

“Within this rapidly growing market, we can offer advanced IP thereby enabling the insurance industry to launch innovative products in a faster timescale.

“Our ability to offer even faster execution from initial concept through to market delivery will be game-changing for the industry.”

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