Cash-happy Porsche drivers UK’s biggest optional extra spenders

Monday, October 14, 2013 - 14:00
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LOADED: Porsche Cayenne owners spend big

Porsche buyers are the most likely to spend big on optional extras, new analysis from HPI Spec Check has shown.

Customers ordering a new Cayenne luxury SUV spend a whopping £10,000 on factory-fitted options on average – well enough to buy the UK’s cheapest SUV, the Dacia Duster.

After Porsche buyers, consumers splashing out on a new BMW X5 spend the most, with just under £8,000 invested in extras.

In third place, Mercedes SLK drivers typically spend £6,290 on top of the base price – the equivalent of a new Dacia Sandero and an iPad.

Perhaps surprisingly, the much lower-priced Vauxhall Insignia has an average spend on extras of more than £1,400, with the average Volkswagen Golf fitted with more than £1,000 of additional equipment.

Porsche buyers overall spend £7,394 on average on non-standard equipment, with BMW owners second with £3,892 and Mercedes customers shelling out £3,510.

Phil Peace, Operations Director for HPI, said: “As vehicle technology advances, having the right equipment on a car is even more important than ever for its retail desirability.

“Factory-fitted Bluetooth may be cheap to add when a car is ordered, but can make the difference between a customer buying the Focus on a dealer’s pitch, or the one at another site down the road.

“Identifying the options fitted to a car however, isn’t always easy.

“For example, active safety systems and driver aids, such as adaptive cruise control, self-parking and lane departure warning systems are all expensive options, but remain extremely difficult for the untrained eye to spot.”