Nebula Systems Confirm Official Release Of NC1701

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 13:20
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Nebula Systems confirm the release of their “NC1701 Enhanced Vehicle Communications Controller”

Connected Car Innovators Nebula Systems have released an exciting new hardware solution to greatly increase access to valuable vehicle data.

The NC1701 is a dedicated vehicle communications chip solution capable of extracting OEM data from any vehicle.  It can be embedded into any telematics device and has been designed from the ground up with a focus on telematics applications.

Roman Di Lullo, CEO of Nebula Systems said “We identified that the complexities of OEM communication protocols were holding back many companies in the telematics space from exploiting the wealth of data available in modern cars. NC1701 enables easy access to this data which we expect will lead to some exciting new applications.”

The NC1701 chip is already being designed into next generation telematics devices including RAC units, which is building powerful solutions around this capability.  RAC director of marketing and innovation Dan Rubel said: “The release of this new hardware is an important step by Nebula Systems for the sector, and the RAC will be utilising the chip in the next generation of our telematics devices. “We are confident about its market-leading data access capability and we see this device providing the breadth and depth of vehicle diagnostics that has previously been unavailable in telematics units”.

With standard features such as “Automatic VIN reading”, “Advanced low power and wake up modes”, “Smart ignition detection for electric and hybrid vehicles” the NC1701 has the potential to transform your telematic device capabilities.

The NC1701’s core data capability allows simple access to thousands of OEM data points such as:

•  Fuel Level Odometer

•  Battery condition

•  TPMS information

•  Service information

•  Vehicle occupancy, to name but a few

The NC1701 can be applied across a wide range of Connected Car industries that are interested in expanding their data access abilities:

Rental, UBI, Fleet, Roadside Recovery, Fuel Rewards, Market Research, In Car display, Car Driver Apps and many others.

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