Many drivers too vain to wear glasses on the road

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 09:38
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You’re so vain, you probably think this article is about you

Millions of British drivers are putting themselves and other road users at risk due to the fact they are too vain to wear their glasses.

In the survey carried out by One Poll, it has been revealed that one in eight drivers who require corrective lenses or contacts while behind the wheel admit to driving without them.

The survey was commissioned to assess the general public’s attitude towards wearing corrective lenses for driving, asking 1,000 spectacle wearers whether they wore them while driving and if not, why.

The survey revealed that the problem is more prevalent among younger drivers, as motorists under 44 years old were 15 times more likely to leave their glasses at home than the over 55s.

However, many are unaware that drivers caught not wearing their glasses risk receiving hefty fines and could even potentially lose their licence.

Celebrity motoring lawyer, Nick Freeman, warned that drivers who flout the law by not wearing their glasses could find themselves behind bars: “If you are involved in a serious accident one of the first things a police officer will do is check your vision and, if you aren’t wearing your glasses when you should, there are very serious consequences. If convicted you could find yourself facing a fifteen year jail sentence.”

The results come on the back of recent news stories asking for the government to make driver eye test compulsory and the dangers and pitfalls of fleet managers not monitoring driver eyesight.

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