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Landmark Solution Creates Opportunities To Easily Embed Technical Data

Friday, January 15, 2016 - 12:10
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Autodata, the trusted world-leading supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket, has made available its vast catalogue of content to other automotive businesses for integration within their own solutions.

Historically, this content has only been available to businesses in raw data format or directly through Autodata’s own products, including their latest award winning web application used by tens of thousands of workshops around the world.

However, in a landmark launch for the automotive industry, up-to-date Autodata content can now be easily embedded into other products and applications through a new cost effective and powerful solution.

Autodata Integration is the combination of over 70 easy to use modules (called APIs) covering Autodata’s comprehensive automotive data, service schedules, repair times, graphics and wiring diagrams across 80 vehicle manufacturers.

Autodata Head of Product and Market Development, Max Lienard, said: “Whilst our web application still remains the most advanced system for workshops around the world, we realise that different sections of the automotive industry might have unique requirements for a specific block of our wide ranging content.

Autodata Integration caters for this market and provides a revolutionary way for businesses to take only the information they require and embed this into their own solutions. So whether they’re working with parts catalogues or the very latest connected car technology, we are now in a position to provide a solution.”

Autodata Chief Technology Officer, Neil Brooks, added: “We have already worked with a select group of companies and developers who required integration with some of our early APIs and the results have been extremely successful. The feedback from developers is that our portal is intuitive and packaged in logical and well-structured modules. In growth terms, we are now receiving around 11 million data requests on a weekly basis and we expect this figure to grow significantly over the next 12 months.”

Brad Simmons, CEO at ClearMechanic, who were one of the first businesses to benefit from the Autodata API, said: “Connecting with the API was an incredibly easy process and delivered the exact solution we required. Our customers now have access to the most comprehensive, reliable and accurate technical information available.”

Chris Lippi, VP and CTO of Cloud at TIBCO, added: “Data is at the core of the majority of products and applications within the automotive aftermarket industry sector. Autodata has chosen the TIBCO Mashery® API management solution to deliver the scale, security, and simplicity needed to drive their business into the digital space.

“As the world has become more connected, we continue to see increasing demand for content in the auto industry; and with their comprehensive range of data on over 29,000 models, we are excited to partner with Autodata as they work to power new applications and products in the future.”

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