Intertruck urge fleets to use the right antifreeze

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FREEZE: Intertruck urge fleet caution

Fleets could suffer potentially deadly and costly consequences if they do not ensure vehicles are well-prepared for the worsening winter conditions, Intertruck have warned.

Intertruck are claiming the predicted poor weather will put an extra strain on vehicles, drivers and businesses, and strong preparation without shortcutting is vital.

They also added that buying cheap antifreeze or not reading the label properly would lead to problems further down the line.

Glen Crompton, Head of Marketing at Intertruck, said: “In the winter, antifreeze acts as a vital component in ensuring that vehicles continue to perform in adverse conditions, but the antifreeze bought has to be fit for purpose.

“Investing a high performance, long life solution that is designed to meet the specific demands of the CV market can save money and time further down the line.

“Often people assume that all antifreezes are the same and this is not the case.”

Intertruck are also recommending checking other safety critical components such as windscreen wipers and lights and reflectors.

Before heading out on the road, they claim, drivers should also ensure that they have all of the necessary winter products to keep them safe.

These include high-visibility jackets, battery chargers, rock salt and snow shovels.

Image courtesy of Highways Agency, with thanks.