TomTom help Ferns Surfacing make £160,000 fuel savings

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 09:00
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SAVED: Ferns Surfacing make £160k savings

Reinstatement company Ferns Surfacing are celebrating saving £160,000 in fuel by deploying TomTom fleet management technology across their 100-strong vehicle fleet.

The business are using TomTom’s driver behaviour monitoring tools to underpin a performance improvement programme, which has reduced speeding by 95% within three months.

Other incidents of undesirable driving, such as harsh steering and braking, have decreased by 65%.

Ferns Surfacing have achieved the savings by empowering their drivers with TomTom Active Driver Feedback.

The facility feeds data back to drivers in real time through their navigation devices to improve their style on the move.

Following the system’s introduction, Ferns have also cut CO2 emissions by 36%.

Andy Saunders, Contracts Director at Ferns Surfacing, said: “As well as fuel savings of £160,000 within 12months, the improvements in driver behaviour have also led to a reduction of £50,000 in our insurance premiums.

“The business benefits gained from the TomTom installation have been phenomenal.

“If it cost twice as much, we’d still use it.”